Saturday, 30 October 2010


The Geoje Island pictures, promised last week and finally uploaded today =) This place was odd: it seemed like it built large toys out of wood, mostly ships. This is one of the ships.

Dinosaurs as well.

A beautiful spider.

Dinosaurs at risk from the cannons.

Behind the largest ship - a small workshop with a battle scene set up. This is a Japanese fleet coming to invade Korea.

The rest of the workshop.

Another view of the invasion.

Inside the large ship: a gift shop!

Selling scythes. Of course.

And smaller boats.

And amazing mobiles.

Tom as a samurai.

Have I mentioned that Korea is full of mountains?

Tom plays at the outdoor gym.

Pretty views of the outdoor gym/park.

Piles of rocks to commemorate ancestors.

Toilets (cesspits, really. Ugh).

Climbing a mountain to see a waterfall.

The waterfall was not what it had promised to be...

This is what we had been promised!

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