Saturday, 6 November 2010


Since we arrived, we have met two Westerners properly (and one left not only the country, nor the continent, but the hemisphere two days after we met her), and seen two others. Yesterday, however, that completely changed. We went for lunch with the other couple who teaches here, who left for new adventures today, and the new couple that arrived just a few days ago to replace them. This means we are no longer the new teachers! Yay!

The food was very, very odd - the American bar and grill buffet was far from American, and really quite strange - but there were some nice tidbits among the mess. In my experience, Korean food is generally palatable to Westerners, but this meal included cold things and... yes. Anyway. The new couple were really nice, and we hope that they liked us as much as we liked them. It was strange and exciting to meet people who are basically us, a month ago!

In fact, it's been more than a month since we arrived, and we've now done five weeks of teaching. No plans for this weekend except downloading X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing tomorrow - I feel almost as if the weekend has snuck up on us!

I had a much better week this week, after a good few days of being generally grumpy. Overhanging issues have almost entirely been sorted, or at least their solutions have been planned, so that's that. Next week is payday, which means a bevy of interesting things - most excitingly, we will be able to buy an oven! We're also plunging headlong into the holiday season, which even Tom is anticipating this year. He's decided that we're going to show Korea how to do Christmas properly, although this seems to mean that our Christmas tree will be on the balcony, where strangers can see it but we can't. That's a point we'll have to rethink.

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