Wednesday, 27 October 2010


The weather in South Korea has been wonderful. Before we came here, I was terrified: the previous teacher had told us that she had never in her life been as cold as she had been in Korea. I was unwilling to ignore her, even though she's from Africa, and packed accordingly, gibbering quietly to myself all the while.

Then we arrived here and it was like summer! It was almost always sunny, with the temperature above 20 degrees. We had one rainy day, and a few rainy nights (although it was always fine by the morning). Last week, my co-teacher told me (as we were driving to work in brilliant sunshine) that in Tesco, an employee had told her that the temperatures would be going below zero this week. We laughed. It was a prophecy of insane proportions.

On Saturday morning it was a little bit cold, but Tom put that down to us being outside at 10am, which is something that we never really do. It warmed up, anyway, and on Monday we walked to work wearing only one layer. The skies were clear and it was hot.

Then on the walk home... it was unbelievably cold. The wind was horrific. The temperature had dropped from about 20 degrees to something closer to zero, in the space of eight hours. Tuesday was even worse. And - and - the window in my classroom wouldn't close properly, so I spent six hours in a freezing cold classroom with nothing more than a cardigan for warmth. (I had a coat, and a hat, but couldn't exactly wear them in front of my classes without looking like I was about to walk out.)

I've been knitting a scarf, as mentioned before, and am now working on it at super-speed to try and get it done before I freeze to death.

Other than that, things are going well. Teaching is beginning to come more naturally to both of us, thankfully, and I'm very much looking forward to the rapidly approaching holiday season. In fact, I'm planning on making it come even earlier by celebrating Thanksgiving with my classes. Which I'm very excited about!

A couple more things on an administrative note: the last post I wrote is meant to have some pictures at the bottom. I think the website I'm using for my blogs is having a small issue with photo uploading at the moment, and I've been unable to add the pictures. Once they're up, I'll post again to let everyone know that the photos have finally arrived. Also, don't forget to check out my cooking blog.

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