Saturday, 12 March 2011


It's been a long month since I last posted here, and I'm afraid to say that there's not much to report. This is everything I can remember that has happened since our trip to Seoul:

1. My birthday.

2. Teaching.

3. Tom joined a local rugby club. (He's at practice right now.)

4. I continued going to yoga. Then I stopped, and started doing yoga with YouTube videos at home.

5. Tom joined a gym.

6. Teaching. (One student gave me flowers.)

7. Having minor breakdowns about teaching, usually on days where I received no flowers.

8. A spot of freelance writing (woohoo!).

9. Enrolling on a long-distance journalism course.

These are my books, which arrived last night. Not shown: three DVDs, three CDs, and an empty folder which says "Portfolio" on the front. As in, the portfolio I'm going to have put together by the end of this course.

See that top book? That's "Essential Law for Journalists." See how thick it is?

Anyway, while I quake in my boots and figure out how to turn our second bedroom, now oven-room, back into a study, I should explain that really not much has been going on. Work takes over, really, and we have no energy to travel or even learn Korean. I spend my free time either cooking, writing my cooking blog, or freelancing.

We've been here for almost six months and are starting to worry about what we'll do in October. I'll need to take exams in the UK in November 2011 or April 2012 for this journalism course, depending on how quickly I manage to get through that stack of books there, so that factors in.

Hmm. I really do have nothing to say! I hope you enjoyed this brief update on the everyday mundanity that is my life.


  1. We have been so busy with our lives but have finally both caught up with your blog! Lovely to hear all that you've been up to. Good luck with the course - correspondance courses are a really good way to go - take it from one who knows! Lots of love to both,
    Nancy & John

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